Comprehensive Service

Freight review. Cost reduction.
And so much more …

When you work with PBC you get much more than just cost savings.  We provide a comprehensive suite of services above and beyond just saving you money.

Freight Bill Payment:

Invoices are sent directly to PB Consultants for auditing and payment.  This eliminates your handling of these invoices.  In addition, all record keeping previously handled by you will be done by our office.  Thereby reducing the time and manpower it takes to audit, pay and file all invoices.

Freight Carrier Recommendations (services include):

  • Rate Comparisons
  • Matching the best most reliable service to your company’s needs.
  • Checking for negated discounts

Freight Carrier Rate Negotiations:

  • Conducting rate negotiations on behalf of the shipper
  • Targeting discounts, freight classifications and accessorial charges

Bills of Lading Customization and Auditing:

  • Identification of commodities shipped
  • Identification of rate class as per N.M.F.C. Guide
  • Identification of hazardous materials and placard requirements
  • Verification of proper documentation on the bill of ladings

Inspection and Presentation of Claims with COMPLETE Followup:

  • Compiling all information needed
  • Copy of delivery receipt
  • Claim report
  • Independent claim analysis
  • Reports by carrier, or consignee
  • Pictures
  • Original bill of lading
  • Original freight bill.

Follow up to confirm receipt of claim
Follow through until claim determination is made.

Freight Bill Undercharge Analysis and Verification of:

  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Concurrent or consecutive time frames of surcharges
  • Insurance surcharges
  • Reasonableness or fairness of charges
  • Credit term validity

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